Beauty with a clean conscious

Plantas Medicinas is an Ayurvedic-inspired beauty & wellness brand. Creating premium, holistic, eco-luxe, plant-based, personal care products inspired by nature and ancient wisdom bringing balance to the hair, mind & soul.

We are dedicated to utilizing the powers of nature and our senses to elevate the beauty experience. A celebration of ritual and the ability to transform the way you feel. 

Hero Ingredients

Our founder, combines her expertise of 20 years experience in the beauty industry as a hairstylist, a Practitioner of Ayurveda and as an Organic Environmental Cosmetic Formulator to create high-quality, results-driven effective formulas.

Each ingredient was intentionally chosen with respect to sustainability, Ayurvedic concepts and principles. Carefully selected for their powerful bio-active and energetic properties for hair, scalp, mind and emotional well-being.

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Proprietary Complex Formula

A proprietary, complex-blend formula provides internal and cosmetic hair benefits for protection, nourishment and support.

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Mycelium Shielding Technology

Microdose a natural, ethical and sustainable solution to help shield, smooth and strengthen hair.

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Ayurvedic Fermented Extract

Utilizing the oldest known biotechnological process of fermentation brings forth the many cosmetic benefits fermented rice has to offer.

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Carta Etica

Our moral philosophy. Honesty, authenticity and voicing our truth. Vulnerability as a strength. Heart over mind. Conscious consumerism. Kindness, to ourselves, to others and to mother earth. Reverence, respect and reciprocity between humans, nature and all living beings.


Our Plastic-Free Commitment

Plantas Medicinas was founded with the mission of not putting more plastic in our landfills. Our mindful packaging solutions means the sourcing of our materials is done so to maintain a delicate balance with the natural world. Everyday, we are reminded of how important it is to care for our planet —and each other. 

Our solid based formulations are plastic free. We use 100% recyclable packaging printed with vegetable dye. ✹FAQs ⟶


Our approach is through a holistic lens from intentional product design rooted from an intuitive perspective on caring for oneself by bringing awareness around what we put on our bodies. By working in small-batch production just enough is made. By keeping production in-house at this time we have a high level of control, self-sufficiency and self-reliance. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We are learning and growing right along side you and are committed to creating high quality, efficacious products with minimal harm or impact on the environment throughout its entire life cycle.

Purpose Driven

We believe in diversifying our commitment through donation and volunteer efforts to support purpose driven organizations whose mission and values align with ours.


All of our formulas go through a third-party testing process to ensure quality, potency and safety. When deciding on who to partner with we intentionally seek out others with the same integrity who can provide traceable supply chains and we never test on animals. Including ingredients that are ECOCERT and COSMOS approved.