natural ingredients for strengthening hair

Proprietary Complex Formula

A proprietary, complex-blend formula provides internal and cosmetic hair benefits for protection, nourishment and support. It is an incredible scientific breakthrough that is slated to shake the foundations of how we consider preventative hair care.

How It Works

  • Hair that is untreated with bleach has a smooth cuticle yielding a smooth appearance

  • Bleached hair has a raised cuticle, signifying damage to the hair fiber

  • Cationically charged ionically bonds to the hair’s cuticle

  • Penetrates between uplifted scales on cuticle to seal and close cuticle while small molecules and hydrogen ions can still pass through its semipermeable facades
  • This ultimately yields smoother, stronger hair 

Cosmetic Benefits

  • Protects hair
  • Great for all hair types

  • Utilizes matrix style scaffolding and poly-compound reactions

  • Strengthens hair

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