Ask: Irene. Plantas Medicinas founder, beauty & wellness specialist, hair expert, Ayurvedic Practitioner and formulator answers our most frequently asked questions.


What does Plantas Medicinas mean? 

Plantas Medicinas means Plant Medicine in Spanish. We refer to it as using "plants as medicine". Whether it being a plant based diet, choosing products that are plant-based, herbal remedies for health and well-being, surrounding your home with plants or just being out in nature. All of this is medicine for our mind, bodies and souls.

What was the inspiration for the brand's name?

My personal healing journey led me to using nature as part of my medicine kit. I have been truly inspired by how using plants as medicine has helped me transform my life and have chosen to share this name in honor of our beloved Mother Nature.

What does beauty mean to you?

I see beauty in everything. I believe it to be the source of all creation and the meaning of life. Beauty is our birthright and it is not something that we pay for, it is not a commodity. We all deserve to feel beautiful. Beauty comes from within. It is a journey to radical self love and acceptance. I wish for every person to experience that feeling.

What Dosha Archetype are you?

I would say that I'm a combination of all three but I lean more towards Vata/Pitta these days. I have naturally curly hair which needs a lot of moisture so I love using the Vata conditioner bar on my ends. My curls respond really well with it! As I've gotten older within the last 3 years I started to get premature grey hair for the first time which is related to Pitta. I currently have the entire collection in my shower, I like the idea of having different options depending on my mood and how I want my hair to feel that day.


How long will my shampoo bar last?

That depends on a couple of factors and will be different for everyone. The common factors include; hair washing frequency, hair length and density. We tend to use more shampoo than conditioner so expect to go through that quicker.

Vata- 1 bar = (3) 9oz bottles

Pitta- 1 bar = (2) 9oz bottles

Kapha- 1 bar = (1 1/2) 9oz bottle

Do you test your products on animals?

No, we only source from reputable suppliers that uphold the same values and ethics.

Are your products vegan?

Yes, all of our ingredients are nature-derived. Please refer to our ingredient list for a complete description of all botanicals and plant actives.

How do I know which bar is the shampoo and conditioner? 

Our shampoo bars have a textured feel compared to the conditioner bars. Also, the shampoo bars will produce a lather vs. our conditioner bars produce a slip, softening feeling to the touch.

Are these products ok for sensitive skin?

Yes, each ingredient was carefully chosen not only for its benefits but also for its gentle effect on the skin. Natural ingredients have been proven to play a more positive role in skin reactions compared to their synthetic counterparts. Please refer to our kind reviews from customers on the Home page.

How do I use a shampoo bar? 

Please to refer to the hair ritual description on each product page.

How do I store the shampoo and conditioner bars?

While we are working on creating a beautiful vessel for your bars to live on. Please place them on a dish that drains in a dry location in your bathroom.

Are your essential oils organic?

We work with suppliers where the essential oils fall into 3 categories; certified organic, organic (non-certified) and wild-crafted. The wild-harvested oils are not cultivated and therefore ineligible for certification. Please refer to the ingredients list on our website for the most updated information. 

Are your products good for curly hair?

YES! As a woman who has naturally curly hair it was important to me that each formula addressed all textures straight, wavy, curly and coily. Especially, those that fall into the hair type categories 2(A/B/C), 3(A/B/C) and 4(A/B/C). We emphasize basing your decision on the "quality" of how your hair currently "feels" to determine what it needs. When in doubt, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to help guide you!

What if I'm a combination of the Doshas? Which products do I choose?

Product Guide

Vata shampoo & conditioner- dry

Vata shampoo/Pitta condititoner- dry & slightly sensitive ends

Vata shampoo/Kapha conditioner- dry w/thick texture

Pitta shampoo & conditioner-sensitive scalp and hair

Pitta shampoo/Vata conditioner-sensitive scalp & dry hair strands

Pitta shampoo/Kapha conditioner- sensitive scalp & slightly oily roots, thick strands

Kapha shampoo & conditioner- oily roots, thick, heavy hair strands

Kapha shampoo/Pitta conditioner- oily roots, sensitive ends

Kapha shampoo/Vata conditioner- oily roots, dry mid-lengths and ends

Tridosha(Vata,Pitta,Kapha)- dry, sensitive, oily

  • Choose the shampoo that best describes your overall scalp and hair.

  • Choose the conditioner that best describes your mid-lengths and ends.

  • Keep in mind how you also want to feel. What scent(s) feel the most balancing to you at this time.

  • Note that our Vata line is our most heaviest formula, Kapha is our lightest and Pitta falls in-between

  • Still unsure? Email us at concierge@plantasmedicinas.com

What does ECOCERT and COSMOS stand for?


ECOCERT, first founded in France in the early 1990s, is now the world's leading certification body for organic farming, natural & organic cosmetics, textiles, food quality and safety, fair trade, forestry practices, and home-use products. The philosophy behind ECOCERT's establishment was to become the driving force behind sustainable economic growth that values our environment and natural resources, work towards healthier alternatives and solutions, as well as set the international standards required to unite global efforts in sustainable development. ECOCERT Greenlife, a subsidiary body of ECOCERT, is responsible for approving and certifying non-food products including natural or organic cosmetics and raw materials. Established in 2009, it supports cosmetic companies that seek to join this revolutionary movement towards safer, more socially responsible, and planet-friendly long-term solutions.


COSMOS stands for "COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard". The COSMOS standard was implemented in 2010 by five European organizations: BDIH (Germany), Cosmebio (France), ECOCERT Greenlife (France), Soil Association Certification (UK), and ICEA (Italy). The primary aim of COSMOS was to align quality and sustainability standards across the international cosmetics sector to benefit all stakeholders, ensure transparency, and drive forth innovation. COSMOS strives to achieve the following overarching goals: Encourage the use of organic ingredients, products, and practices. Protect biodiversity, the environment, and the earth's natural resources. Establish manufacturing and operational processes that minimize risks to human health. Advance the principles of 'green chemistry' to reduce the use of hazardous elements and practices.


How much is delivery?

Please refer to the shipping policy at the bottom our website.

How long does delivery take?

Please refer to the shipping policy at the bottom of our website.

Do you deliver internationally?

We don't offer international shipping at this time. Please sign up to our email list to be notified for future international product distribution.

Can I change or cancel my order once it's been placed?

Please contact us immediately if there was an error with your order and we will try our best to fix. If the order has already been processed, there is nothing we can do. Plantas Medicinas cannot add additional items to your order or process credit card payments over the phone. Please refer to our shipping policy.


Is your packaging sustainable?

Yes! Our packaging is 100% recyclable printed with vegetable dye ink. The cloth in which our products are wrapped in can be composted or washed and reused in many different creative ways. An example, is using it as a face cloth or keeping your bar covered when you travel. Our mailer boxes are made from 100% recycled, FSC-certified paper and our tape is fully compostable printed with renewable soy-based inks.

How can I recycle it?

All packaging boxes are made from recycled, FSC-certified materials and printed with vegetable based inks. The mailer boxes and tape are compostable or curb-side recyclable. When recycling please disassemble the box so that it becomes a flat surface. Add it to you recycling bin. When composting tear or cut the packaging and mailer tape into pieces before adding it to your compost bin.


What payment options are available?

We offer a variety of payment options. Please see the check out page in your cart for details.

Do you offer subscriptions?

Yes! We offer a monthly subscription service which we highly recommend taking advantage of. You will receive an extra 10% discount off your purchase.


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