mindfulness for hair health

A Journey Through The Six Senses

Elevating your shampoo bar experience is an immersive, multi-sensory approach. Engaging our senses with intention and mindfulness helps strengthen and develop our sixth sense, also known as our intuition. The desire to access it is real, but we won't be able to if we don't slow down. We believe that you know what’s best for your well-being and it’s our goal to help you connect with your inner wisdom.

The goal of all energy medicine healing modalities, is not to directly heal the body- for only the body can heal the body but, to cultivate the conditions within which your body can heal itself. It's about bringing the entire mind, body, soul together in balance... in harmony. When we are born the first experience of awareness is sensory. The way humans explore the world is through our senses. Our direct experience with the outside world is through taste, touch, smell, sound, sight and intuition. According to Ayurveda, one way humans experience imbalance is by overstimulating, under stimulating or misusing our senses. With this knowledge, we designed each line using technologies known in Ayurveda as "subtle therapies". Known today as aromatherapy (smell/taste), color therapy (sight), sacred geometry (touch) and sound healing (sound). 




SIGHT- Color Therapy

Highlights how the use of color in art, design and creativity can play a leading role in connecting and uplifting us. Discover the many ways in which color can heal and nourish, stimulate and soothe, cheer and calm, from calming ethereal pastels and surreal ultra-charged brights that boost well-being by their sheer exuberance, to rich, nature inspired shades, both natural and hyperreal, that evoke our planet at its most beautiful. We invite you to explore the world of color and create your own connections to effect positive change for yourself and the world around you. 

Vata’s visual mood/ inspiration (beige)- Evoking a conscious meditative calmness, ethereal, neutralizing energy. Otherworldly, influenced by elemental transformations grounded in muted neutrals, beige pastels create serenity and tranquility to even the most busiest mind.

Pitta’s visual mood/ inspiration (green)- Cooling, soothing, harmonious and intrinsically connected with nature, inspired by forest bathing for inner peace. Bathe in the ambiance of the forest.

Kapha’s visual mood/ inspiration (clay)- Warm tones awaken, inspire and uplift. Transforming stagnation to creativity.


SMELL/TASTE- Aromatherapy 

Our sense of smell is often overlooked. The truth is that our sense of smell, or olfactory system, directly impacts our physical and mental health. It is a direct link to our brain and body, and plays a key role in regulating our neurological functions, our mood and emotions, and the various systems that keep our body healthy. There is something very ancient about this sense organ that can transport us back in time. Most people do not know that olfactory receptors were discovered only about thirty years ago, and not only exist in our nose, but in other parts of our body - making our sense of smell a whole body health experience. With that in mind, our sense of smell can be directly connected to our sense of taste. When a substance smells sweet we can taste the sweetness in our mouths and it is no wonder why we then feel a sense of hunger for something sweet. A transportive portal to another realm. Restoration comes as an opportunity when  embodied with an ephemeral quality that reminds us of a happy memory.


TOUCH- Sacred Geometry

Learning the fundamentals of sacred geometry can deepen our understand of the world we live in and the natural laws that govern it. It is essentially the study of the spiritual meaning of various shapes and how we can use it to our benefit. Geometry is all about this sense of natural alignment with the self, our environment, nature and the universe. 

Triangles in sacred geometry are thought to symbolize balance and harmony. The three-sided shape can also be related to the body, mind, and spirit, and with an upward-facing point, it indicates raising consciousness.

Circles have seemingly no beginning or end, so they represent a never-ending loop. As such, circles in sacred geometry can be thought of as a symbol of oneness or wholeness.

Squares in sacred geometry represent a very practical and solid energy. Think about the base of a pyramid—it's a square. So this shape can be thought of as foundational and dependable. It's very stable, grounding, and safe.

*A Fun Hair Fact: The three shapes triangle, round and square serve as the foundation to all haircuts. All haircuts begin with at least one or a combination of all three shapes.

  • Pitta Archetypes tend to have triangle shaped faces so to balance the best choice would be a round shape haircut to soften the natural strong facial features.
  • Kapha Archetypes tend to have round shaped faces so to balance the best choice would be to add triangular lines for contour.
  • Vata Archetypes tend to have oval shaped faces so to balance the best choice would be a square shape for a more stronger defined look.   


SOUND- Sound Healing

The science of sound healing is the act of listening to sounds as a powerful way to quiet the thinking mind and connect with the natural openness of awareness. A wealth of discoveries in sound and music have unfolded- including how the patterns of sound that exist on the membranes of your cells can awaken sleeping aspects of you biology. Using music as a form of meditation emphasizes the anchor of listening, and guides us to relax through our bodies and let sounds wash through us. In this receptivity we find a homecoming to full presence and peace. Explore the healing intelligence of sound and music frequencies with our playlists inspired to balance each Dosha where we use music as medicine. 


INTUITION- Inner Wisdom

Although we are familiar with the five senses, our sixth sense is not commonly discussed. We have been taught through social conditioning that the answers we seek are outside of us. Our intuition is that inner voice, sometimes it has been described as a "gut feeling". Often we are too busy to listen to it. But, when we slow down, come to stillness and quiet the outside noise, the connection strengthens. Like a muscle, engaging our senses with intention and mindfulness helps strength and develop our intuition and inner wisdom. The more that we make decisions with discernment the more we learn how to trust ourselves. The trust muscle grows and the connection becomes so strong that we develop the foundation that we need to be able to with stand anything that comes our way. 




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