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Come Home To Yourself

The art of coming home to yourself is an invitation to stop searching for that belonging, that desire to find your place in this world when it already exists within the space of your own heart, body, mind and soul. It is the act of giving yourself permission to accept, acknowledge and respect all parts of yourself without criticism or judgment. It is the place where we arrive to truly know ourselves, understand who we are, what we want, what we dream of, what we stand for, our deepest desires, core values and beliefs. This place feels safe, nourishing, comforting, like a warm embrace and most of all full of unconditional love. We feel at peace and full of gratitude knowing that all our needs are met and that we are enough just they way we are. Coming home to yourself is the act of resetting our  inner compass and intuition. Tapping into that wise and deep knowing that is timeless and undomesticated. Ultimately, it is the place that we arrive at where we no longer believe that true happiness exists outside of yourself.

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