The practice is deeply ingrained in South Asian traditions and has been an Ayurvedic treatment for centuries; it’s not just a beauty routine, but a therapeutic process that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation. Conventional shampoos can strip the hair and scalp of its natural oils that can lead to an imbalance of the scalp  and commercial conditioners that artificially coat the hair with synthetic ingredients  might leave your hair looking and feeling soft and shiny but are actually not taking care of your hair in the long term.

Hair oiling is practice where herbal infused oil is applied to the hair and scalp to provide hydration and a calming sensation through the massaging of the hair strands. The secret lies in the herbal infused oil a combination of botanicals that supports blood flow, providing the nutrition that their hair needs to promote hair growth, nourish and strengthen the scalp and hair. The traditional base used for hair oiling is sesame oil which is believed to balance the doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) and nourish the scalp. Coconut oil is another option which is particularly beneficial for Pitta dosha imbalances thanks to its cooling properties. They are often prepared with a variety of herbs such as Amla (Indian gooseberry), Brahmi, Neem, Hibiscus, Jatamansi and Bhringraj (False Daisy) which is clinically proven to both help reduce hair fall and boost hair growth. By using herbalised oils you will also benefit from those herbs on the mind-body, Brahmi for example is well known for its supportive effects of concentration, memory and mental well-being.

But the true magic of this hair oil lies in how it makes you feel, it’s all about the ritual. Begin by creating a calm environment. Burn some incense, light a candle or play relaxing music. This should be done as a pre-treatment, hair should be dry before oiling. You'll want to prep the hair by brush brushing the scalp and detangling the ends. Warming the oil first helps it to penetrate the hair and scalp more easily so warm the oil gently in a pan or a bain-marie for 10 mins on low heat. Using the applicator to apply the oil section by section onto the scalp saturating the entire head. Using your finger tips gently massage your head in circular motions working the oil into the skin through the mid-lengths and ends. Brush your hair from scalp to ends applying more oil if needed to the rest of you hair. Leave on for 30 mins. *For added benefits expose your head to the sun. Do not practice when you are sick, have a fever or are suffering from a cough or cold. During the cold months or wet weather, avoid leaving the house with oil in your hair. 

For additional benefits add Marma massage to your hair oiling ritual. Marma therapy is a therapeutic system that works directly to harmonize and stabilize the bio- energies the doshas. Awakening the healing power of the body. There are 107 marma points in the body. They connect to the subtle body and mind. They are master power centers (imagine batteries) of our vital life force. Through marma manipulation we can help to remove blockages (stuck toxins, stress and negative emotions) improve energy flow or tap into hidden energy reservoirs. Marma points are mystical and so special because they are connected to the consciousness of your own divine healer of your own body. Focus your massage at the top section of your head, temples and just below the occipital bone in the back of the head. The best time to perform Marma massage is when you are relaxed. Use ring finger (connected to heart energy) in clockwise direction at least 7 times. Finish by cleansing and conditioning with your favorite Plantas Medicinas shampoo and conditioner. 

Consistency is key if you want to see results in time and for the long term care of your hair and overall health. Hair massage might be practiced daily by some but doing so once a week, once a month or even a couple of times a year is always going to be beneficial.

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